Diaper Genie® Select: A Sleek & Modern Diaper Pail Featuring Innovative Square Refill Technology

March 20th, MONTREAL - Diaper Genie®, the #1 selling diaper pail in the US* and Canada, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation, the Diaper Genie® Select. This modern and sleek-looking stainless-steel pail is designed to offer parents the ultimate in convenience and odor control. Available as of March in the USA, Diaper Genie® Select is set to transform diaper disposal with its new square refill technology.

Merging style and durability, this new pail will seamlessly integrate into any nursery decor, offering an aesthetically pleasing and convenient solution to diaper disposal. The pail's high capacity can hold up to 40 diapers, reducing the need for frequent emptying, and features a ‘Push N Lock’ odor locking clamp that effectively contains odors from messy diapers. The design also allows for a wide square opening in the pails, enabling easy, one-handed diaper disposal. With the addition of a foot pedal on the new Diaper Genie® Select, parents can effortlessly operate the pail, making diaper disposal a breeze.

Diaper Genie Select

One of the most exciting features of the Diaper Genie® Select is its compatibility with the innovative square refill technology. This new refill system is designed to fit not only the Select model, but also on two other Diaper Genie® pails: the new Diaper Genie® Classic (which replaces the Expression model) and the new Diaper Genie® Compact. The square refills offer a range of benefits that set them apart from traditional round refills.   

Its primary advantage lies in the convenience of a continuous film that can be cut to the desired length, effectively reducing waste, and saving money. These refills also use less plastic when compared to previous models, appealing to the growing number of eco-conscious parents. In fact, one Jumbo Square Refill (810 newborn diaper count) uses 50% less cartridge plastic than our Diaper Genie® standard refill. Additionally, the square refills offer more multi-layer film and last longer, resulting in less hassle for consumers and less time spent replacing the cartridge.

"We are excited to introduce the Diaper Genie® Select and our new square refill technology," states Rahul Sharda, CEO Angelcare Group, owner of the Diaper Genie® brand. "We understand the needs of modern parents and strive to provide them with durable and sustainable solutions. With the Diaper Genie® Select, parents can enjoy a convenient diaper disposal system in stainless steel, while reducing their environmental footprint."

The stainless-steel Diaper Genie® Select is available in five stylish colors in the US: Lilly white, Stone grey, Sage green, Cloud blue, and Whimsical polka dot. The suggested retail prices (USD) are as follows: White $44.99, Grey, Green, Blue: $49.99, and Polka Dot: $54.99. Starting in March 2024, the pail will be available for purchase at major retailers, including in-store and online at Walmart & Target (white pail in store, other colors online), as well as on Amazon.com (all colors).

Diaper Genie® continues to innovate and provide parents with the best solutions for diaper disposal. With the introduction of the Diaper Genie® Select and its square refill technology, the brand reaffirms its commitment to convenience, odor control, and sustainability.

Interviews with Angelcare Group are available upon request. 

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*Angelcare calculation based on Answers On Demand for the Diaper Pail Category for 52 weeks ending 09.10.2022 time period. © 2023, Nielsen Consumer LLC.


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