• Angelcare Baby

    For over 20 years, Angelcare has been at the forefront of parents’ minds, setting the standard in the world’s best baby products. Today, Angelcare® products employ advanced technology and innovative, research-based design. Our products are sold in over 50 countries, and include award-winning monitors, nappy disposal systems and bath products.

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  • Diaper Genie

    Unlike ordinary household trash cans, the Diaper Genie systems help keep unpleasant smells where they belong. Our Double-Lock design and multi-layer bag helps keep odours from escaping, so your nursery stays new-baby fresh. Handling stinky diapers is a dirty job, but with several decades of experience caring for babies, we're well equipped to handle it.

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  • Litter Genie

    Litter Genie develops pet products that help keep your home fresh and cat happy. The Litter Genie cat litter disposal system is the ultimate hassle-free solution for controlling litter odours by locking in soiled litter in 3 simple steps: just scoop it, drop it, lock it!

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  • Pet Genie

    Pet Genie™ is our latest innovation in pet waste odor control and disposal. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, Pet Genie™ offers a simple, convenient, and odor-free solution to tackle the daily challenges of small pet and dog waste disposal.

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  • Compost Genie

    Compost Genie is more than a bin, it is your new ally and convenient solution for food waste disposal. It's the ideal choice for eco-conscious households looking to minimize their environmental footprint and contribute positively to sustainability.

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  • LitterLocker

    LitterLocker is a forerunner in the field of litter disposal with thoughtful products, such as odourless litter systems and easy to clean litter boxes.

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  • Pabobo

    Founded in Paris in 2003, Pabobo
    offers easy to use bedtime solutions that are simply delightful. We serve the needs of children and their parents with an innovative range of nightlights and sleep aids.

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