Litter Genie® Introduces New Jumbo Eco Refill

A litter disposal solution made from compostable film. 

MONTREAL, QC, (November 1st, 2023) – Every cat lover knows that maintaining a clean and odor-free environment is essential not only for the pet’s well-being, but also for the household’s comfort. Litter Genie® - the #1 cat litter disposal pail in the United States* - announces the launch of its Jumbo Eco Refill. This innovative product provides long-lasting cat care without compromising on eco-friendly solutions and is set to be available on as of November 2023. 

Since launch, Litter Genie® has been closing the lid on cat odors in homes with its unique air-tight pail designs and multi-layer refill bags with odor barrier technology that locks away undesirable smells. 


The new Litter Genie® Jumbo Eco Refill is designed with impressive longevity, lasting up to four-months for one cat. Created to be twice as long and using 35% less cartridge plastic compared to standard refills, the Jumbo Eco Refill sets a new standard for sustainability in cat care.  

This game-changing product is made from compostable film** and helps to contain litter odors while keeping your home smelling fresh. 

“Litter Genie® is committed to reducing plastic waste in its products,” states Rahul Sharda, CEO Angelcare Group, maker of the popular Genie line. “Our team is proud to introduce new Litter Genie® Eco Refills into our product line-up. Not only is Litter Genie® continuing to make cat care more convenient, but now we are expanding the category with more sustainable products that consumers can feel good about.” 

  • Litter Genie® JUMBO ECO REFILL: The square refill contains continuous film, allowing users to cut and tie it to any desired length, ensuring minimal waste and maximum convenience. Litter Genie® Jumbo Eco Refill is compatible with the Standard, Plus and XL+ pails. Not compatible with Easy Roll and XL pails.  
  • Available exclusively at in the USA $19.99 USD MSRP 

Media Contact: Olivia Crane | 1Milk2Sugars Inc. | | 905-541-1216 

Interviews with Angelcare are available upon request.


*Does not include the category of self-cleaning litter boxes. 

**Based on ASTM D6400 standard. Compostable if facilities exist. Depending on local regulation litter and waste may not be compostable. 

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